GCAT Conference

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Saturday 9-11-21, 10:30 AM EST to 1:30 PM EST

  • Ben brief greeting and introduce Dr. Figley: Also mention CE’s
  • Dr. Kathy Figley (1 hour 25 minutes): GCAT During 9/11
  • Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt: (1 hour): Community Recovery from Traumatic Incidents
  • Followed by awards and State of the Organization

Wednesday 9-15-21, 4:30 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST

  • Peter Teahen and Dr. Rema Afifi (50 minutes): Fatalities Management Workers and COVID-19: Stress, Coping and Wellbeing
  • Dr. Dan Casey (50 minutes): Psychological First Aid During the COVID Pandemic
  • Dr. Anna Pecoraro (50 minutes): Sexual Abuse and Toxic Shame: Using Somatic Techniques in the Context of Psychoanalytic Trauma Therapy to Promote Recovery

Saturday 9-18-21, 10:30 AM EST to 1:30 PM EST

  • Nathan Ray (50 minutes) Team Leader is not a table-top exercise
  • Dr. Benjamin B Keyes (50 minutes): Green Cross in Kenya Comparison of Intervention and Need Seven Years Apart
  • Alan O’Malley-Laursen (50 minutes): Be Aware…Be Prepared…Make A Difference: A Reflective Journey To Resilience and Effective Trauma Response

Wednesday 9-22-21, 4:30 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST

  • Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos (50 minutes): Instilling Homeostasis to Defuse and Avoid Crises
  • Dr Kathie Erwin (80 minutes): Creative Therapies for Trauma Counseling: Trauma impacts neural pathways and disrupts emotional responses that can lead to behavioral and psychological disorders
  • Closing remarks