Center for Trauma & Resiliency Studies - Divine Mercy University

The Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies (CTRS) at Divine Mercy University offers a training program through Green Cross Academy for Traumatology for students, faculty, alumni and interested community professionals targeted toward certifications as Mental Health First Responders in times of disaster and traumatic situations. Dr. Benjamin Keyes, a faculty member of the School of Counseling at DMU, is leading the formation and development of the CTRS at Divine Mercy University.

The CTRS also holds research projects looking at the long and short term effects of trauma and effective therapeutic interventions in response to traumatic situations and events. As part of the Center, there will be a development of an on-going Response Team of students, alumni and interested community professionals capable of deploying in times of significant disaster or crisis anywhere in the US. The goal is to assist recovery efforts with first responders to prevent compassion fatigue, collaborate in working with survivors in the field, and provide counseling services in the aftermath of disaster or crisis.

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