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Commonly Used Controls in Zoom

Managing Participants – As the host of a class/meeting, you can manage participants such as renaming, muting, stopping video and other controls for participants. For more, visit:

Video ON/OFF – Once in a meeting, you can turn your video on by clicking the “Start Video” icon on the bottom left of your screen. To turn it off, click the “Stop Video” icon. For more, visit:

Virtual Background – Once in the meeting, you can select a virtual background by clicking the up caret to the right of the Start Video icon. For more, visit:

Muting – To ensure minimal background noise during your Zoom meeting, it is recommended that you mute everyone on the call when they’re not talking. To do this, click on the Participants icon at the bottom of your screen click Mute All in the side panel. For more, visit:

Using Chat – Meeting participants can ask questions during a Zoom Meeting via the meeting chat. Start by clicking the “Chat” icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Sharing Screen – Click the “Share Screen” icon at the bottom of your screen to share your desktop.

Sharing Documents via Chat:

Using the Whiteboard –