Faculty - PsyD Program - Divine Mercy University

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Faculty – PsyD Program – Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Clinical Psych. Training

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Clinical Psych. Training (Arlington, VA): Teach graduate/ PhD level Psych. courses (including History and Systems of Psychology, Psychopathology, Adult Psychotherapy, Advanced Adult Psychotherapy, Personality Theory, and other upper-level related courses in clinical training); provide clinical training (using applied clinical courses; supervise students in clinical work in therapy and psychological assessments; and be on call at the School’s Training Clinic. Field inquiries from student clinicians or patients and advise on students’ dissertation research projects related to clinical topics). Engage in scholarly research and writing. Must have 2 years of experience in job or as Clinical Psychologist, experience in developing curricula and teaching, published in scholarly publications, and valid license. Provide verifiable character references and criminal background check. Be able to work evenings and weekends. The position requires maintenance of valid license (for clinical training at School’s clinic).

Please send resume with cover letter to The Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Inc., Attn: Antonio Maza (1477947), 2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Suite 511, Arlington, VA 22202. No calls.