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There are many issues to address in the upcoming days and weeks. We will get through them together as a community with patience, charity, and communicating with one another. We will continually update this page with information that pertains to your particular role within the DMU community. Let’s pray for one another and stay safe and healthy.

Information for Students

Information for Faculty

Information for Staff

Information for Students

Is the campus open?
The campus is closed until further notice.  All classes will continue to be conducted online. The virtual library hours are unchanged.  Any library requests should be completed using existing online services. Please monitor your email and the DMU website for any changes to this current policy.

Are classes being held?
All classes are currently being held via online learning.  Please consult with your professor or advisor regarding your classwork and exam schedules.

How long will PsyD classes be online?
Spring PsyD classes will remain online for the remainder of the semester.  This decisions is made out of concern for the health and safety of everyone and complies with Virginia Governor Northham’s Executive Order issued March 30, 2020 requiring “Institutions of higher education shall cease all in-person classes and instruction” through June 10, 2020. 

All updates will be communicated provided to students, faculty and staff via email and the DMU website.

What are plans for Commencement and Graduation events?
We recognize the meaning that Commencement holds for our students and families, and it is with deep regret that Graduation events have been postponed. We are working to make plans to celebrate graduation at a later date in a way that will properly recognize and honor our graduates’ achievements. We know how disappointing this is to our students and their families. Please know that we share this disappointment. We will do everything we can to make this milestone event a special celebration when it is rescheduled and will communicate plans as soon as possible.

What resources are available to help me with IT issues?
Online Classroom Support will continue to provide IT Support for both Students taking courses and Faculty teaching online during this period.

Will the coronavirus affect admissions deadlines?
Please refer to the each program’s admission information on the www.Divinemercy.edu website for any changes in admission deadlines or temporary accommodations in the admissions requirements and process:

Master of Science in Counseling

Master of Science in Psychology

Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Are events on campus cancelled?
All scheduled campus events have been postponed through June 10, 2020 to comply with Virginia Governor Northam’s Executive Order issued March 30, 2020. Please pay close attention to communication from your program directors and/or the Office of the President for ongoing information regarding events.

Is the IPS Center open?
|The IPS Center is currently closed to clients.  Students and staff have access to the Center for work as needed. 

Is the DMU Library open?
The library is always open online but the physical location is currently closed. All of the services that are available to students while on campus are also available for all students regardless of their location. Database access, electronic journal access, and all electronic course materials are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and are cloud based via our integrated library system. All students, faculty, and staff have login credentials and are able to access resources anywhere that an internet connection is available.

Reference services are available via email at library@divinemercy.edu, by telephone at 703-416-1441 x119, or chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Click the hyperlink to participate in Chat Reference).

Are there any changes to library services?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all ILL requests for physical items have been suspended.  However, electronic articles may be requested at this time, since these items are delivered electronically.  Many books are available electronically, but physical copies of books are not available for circulation due to the quarantine period required for health and safety.  

Are books in the library disinfected?
Books in the library are not disinfected. All physical items that are returned are quarantined and not available for circulation during the time that the physical library location is closed. 


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Information for Faculty



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Information for Staff

Should I be working on campus or teleworking?
Faculty and staff are required to telework, unless their duties are essential duties and specifically approved to work on campus.

Under no circumstances should anyone be on campus if they are sick, are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed in the last fourteen days to someone that has contracted COVID-19.

Social Distancing Guidelines for Workplace During Infectious Disease Outbreaks
In the current circumstances, Divine Mercy University will implement these social distancing guidelines to avoid the spread of the disease among the staff.

During the workday, employees are requested to:

  1. Avoid meeting people face-to-face. Employees are encouraged to use the telephone,  online conferencing, e-mail or instant messaging to conduct business as much as  possible, even when participants are in the same building.
  2. If a face-to-face meeting is unavoidable, minimize the meeting time, choose a large meeting room and sit at least one yard from each other if possible; avoid person-to-person contact such as shaking hands.
  3. Avoid any unnecessary travel and cancel or postpone nonessential meetings, gatherings, workshops and training sessions
  4. Do not congregate in work rooms, pantries, copier rooms or other areas where people socialize.
  5. Bring lunch and eat at your desk or away from others (avoid lunchrooms and crowded restaurants).
  6. Encourage members of your team and others to request information via phone and e-mail in order to minimize person-to-person contact. Have documents, materials and information ready for fast pick-up or delivery.
  7. Avoid using personal devices of coworkers (phone, cellphone, personal computer, etc.)
  8. Maintain common areas as clean as possible (pantry, microwaves, kitchenette tables, etc.)

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