Job Opening: Administrative Assistant - Divine Mercy University

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Divine Mercy University is looking for an Administrative Assistant to join our team and contribute to our mission by supporting our operations and fundraising efforts.

The Administrative Assistant will have a unique opportunity to grow as a professional in a highly motivating and demanding work environment. Duties and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

In reference to Business Office:

• Managing and maintaining relationships with service providers and vendors (IT, AV, Phones)

• Management and administration of office supplies (inventory, purchasing, etc.)

• Purchasing materials and supplies as assigned (flights, books, furniture, etc.)

• Managing operational aspects of relationship with landlord, especially as it pertains to maintenance

• Maintaining Business Office and Human Resources archives.

• Provide occasional assistance to the administration of the library

•.Miscellaneous responsibilities associated with the physical plant and its organization, such as supervision of cleaning service, furniture and AV set up, emergency coordination, etc.

In reference to Fundraising Office:

•Operate and manage fundraising  database and solicitation software on Flipcause.  This would include the generation of quarterly reports, data searches, and weekly operations reports.

• Run Mail Merge operation into solicitation letters, addresses to envelopes, print appeal letters

• Keep and update mailing lists based on revisions received, integrating new contacts from conventions, conferences, etc.

• Assist in the production of quarterly direct mail solicitations.

• Contribute to the development of Operations Manual for the Fundraising Office.

Excellent computer and database management skills are required.

For additional information and applications please contact