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Have you ever felt a calling to help others grow psychologically and/or spiritually? Without question, we currently face one of the greatest challenges to flourishing that most of us have ever encountered. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, some people seem to be flourishing while others do not. Why? How might I consider my relationship with God relative to my personal flourishing? What can any of us do to help others flourish? How might I help guide others spiritually on a path towards flourishing?

To help you answer these questions, we are excited to share a new offering here at DMU! For the first time we have created “simplified” versions of two of our most popular courses.

Courses will start on Wednesday, April 29. Each course will run for 8 weeks and course assignments are asynchronous (you can complete them online in your own time). Tuition for each course is just $99.

Choose one or both course options, based on your interests:

CPS 550: Helping People Flourish: A Catholic-Christian Approach to Psychology

Happy patient has a breakthrough in group therapy while others are clapping her

Register by April 27th • Class begins April 29th

This course is normally offered as part of DMU’s Master of Science in Psychology program and introduces you to the study of human behavior integrated with a spiritual faith perspective.  You will study psychological principles, theory, and interventions through the lens of the Catholic-Christian vision of the person. You will contemplate the belief that each person possesses innate dignity, has free will, and is made to flourish.



CPS 100: Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Direction

Register by April 27th • Class begins April 29th

This course is normally offered as part of DMU’s Spiritual Direction Certificate program. We will explore the rich tradition of spiritual direction; how it helps conversion, and answers Jesus’s desire that we may “have life and life in abundance” (John 10:10). We will seek to understand the different forms and models that spiritual direction can take, and its interplay with the human sciences. This course is divided into three themes: ongoing conversion, deepening discipleship, and the foundations of spiritual direction.