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We’re Excited to Announce the Launch of our Blog!

At Divine Mercy University, we take pride in providing educational resources to our students, alumni, faculty, staff and advocates.

We also understand the importance of sharing our stories to highlight the impact of psychology and counseling.

That’s why we decided to develop a blog just for you!

The blog is broken up into 4 sections:

  1. Features of students and faculty
  2. Answers to questions you Ask DMU
  3. Career Tips and industry trends
  4. Our Channel of videos

Look out for new content every month to read about our latest happenings.

Featured Blog Posts:

Newman Lecture Series Continues
On Thursday, January 25, George Mason University Professor of Law Helen Alvaré gave a dynamic presentation to students, faculty and local professionals on “Legal Foundations and History of Male/Female in Jurisprudence.” Read more



An Interview with the Dean: School of Counseling
As Academic Dean for the School of Counseling at Divine Mercy University, Dr. Harvey Payne helps position students to become licensed counselors who later provide therapy for people worldwide. Read more



What Jobs Can I Get with a Psychology Degree?
An education in psychology can present you with many job opportunities. Besides the all-too-familiar role as a psychologist, there are countless other jobs. Read more



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