Registration - Divine Mercy University

Registration for Classes

Attendance at any University class is not permitted unless the person is registered for the class. Students whose accounts are not current will not be permitted to register for classes.  Students registering for a course-for-credit or audit must register no later than the last day of the published add/drop period each semester or term.

For onsite programs 

For planning purposes, fall semester registration for returning students takes place in April of the preceding academic year and spring and summer semester registration for returning students takes place in November of each year.  New student registration opens in June.  Any student registering for courses outside of the published registration period are subject to a late registration fee. Students must meet with their academic advisor prior to registering each semester and have the academic advisor sign the completed registration form.  It is the option of each new student admitted to make an appointment with an academic advisor prior to registering.

Download the Onsite Add/Drop Form

For online programs

Registration occurs automatically. Notification is given prior to the start of the term, if a student does not wish to continue they must contact Office of the Registrar.

Download the Online Add/Drop Form