Are you ready to work remotely?

Using your DMU issued laptop is the best option if you are working remotely. If you do not have a DMU issued laptop or need to conduct work from a separate device, you will need to ensure your personal device is capable of following the below guidelines.

Ensure you have access to all files and systems you need from home
If you have been issued a laptop or will be conducting remote work on a personal device, check your access at your residence prior to remote work being required. You can check by testing connectivity to applications such as GMail and Google Drive to ensure continuity when not working in the office. If you do not have a university-issued laptop or a personal device capable of business continuity, please contact your supervisor if remote work is required.

Keep your computer(s) up-to-date and secure
Always keep your university-issued and personal devices up-to-date with the latest software and security updates. All personal devices should have antivirus software installed and running to prevent unauthorized access to university information systems.

Gather everything you will need to be productive
Make sure you gather any important work files or other equipment, like power adapters, that you’ll need to bring home from the office. If you feel you do not have all of the requisite equipment for business continuity, please contact your supervisor if remote work is required.

Find a workspace allowing for productivity and security
Find a place either in your residence or elsewhere which allows you to focus on the work at hand. Additionally, this space should be secure, where work documents with sensitive information can not be seen by non-authorized individuals. When possible, always avoid connecting to a public wi-fi network to keep you and the university’s information secure.