Regular Payment Times and Methods - Divine Mercy University

Regular Payment Times and Methods

How does the University bill students and when is payment due?

All pre-registered students will receive an invoice for tuition and other fees at your email address. This invoice will provide details regarding the amount due as well as the due date.

Payment is normally due 10 days after the email reaches your inbox (not 10 days after you view the email).

How can a student submit payment?

A student can pay by check or by credit/debit card.

Checks should be mailed to:
Divine Mercy University, Attn: Business Office
2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 511
Arlington, VA 22202

Credit and debit card payments can be made here. All credit/debit card payments are charged an additional convenience fee of 2.5% of your payment.
(Note: When paying online, you must know the amount you wish to pay the University. This information is not provided through the website.)

How are loans and scholarships applied to student payments?

Some loans and awards are received directly through the Divine Mercy University Financial Aid Office (e.g. Stafford Student Loans, Grad Plus Loans, and University Scholarships). These are applied directly to the student’s account and the student is responsible for paying any remaining balance owed.

If a student receives an outside scholarship that will be paid directly to DMU, the student should notify both the Business Office and the Financial Aid Office. The scholarship will not be reflected in the student’s account until the scholarship payment is received by DMU.

If a scholarship or loan is not received, or if it adjusted or reversed for any reason, the student is responsible for payment of any balance on his or her account. This payment is due 10 days after the student receives notification by mail or email of the adjustment or the reversal.

When does the University credit my account for scholarships and loans?

There are three sources of financial credit that a student may receive: 1. financial aid awarded internally by DMU (scholarships, student assistantships, etc.), 2. loans from the Department of Education (G5), and 3. private loans and scholarships.

Internal financial aid is automatically applied to your student account and will be noted as a credit on your statement. Loans from the Department of Education will be credited to your account within 24 hours of DMU receiving the funds. Private loans and scholarships will be credited to your account within a reasonable period after they are received by DMU.

The Business Office, Divine Mercy University