Accommodation Request Process - Divine Mercy University

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Request Accommodations

The Interactive Accommodation Request Process:

  1. Complete the online Accommodation Request Form
  2. Submit the Documentation as an attachment to your Accommodation Request Form, or as an attachment in an email to
    • Be sure to submit the Accommodation Request Form whether you have your Documentation ready to submit or not. 
    • If you do not have your Documentation ready to submit, or if DSS requests additional Documentation, DSS will assess if an interim accommodation plan is possible while the interactive process continues. 
  3. Allow at least 10 business days for DSS to process the submitted Accommodation Request Form. 
    • DSS will contact the student if they determine that additional information or documentation is required.
  4. DSS will request a meeting with the student, once the processing is complete, to review the request and the approved accommodation plan. 
  5. DSS will place the accommodation plan within the official “Instructor Notification” document. The student and DSS will electronically sign the document, and the student will receive the final Notification document via email.
  6. The student is expected to submit the “Instructor Notification” document to each professor within the first week of each class.


Please contact Disability Support Services Office at for questions.