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Transportation and Parking for DMU Students

Divine Mercy University’s campus is located in the urban neighborhood of Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia.

For students with plans to visit campus regularly, it is very important to be aware of the various transportation options available. This section aims to explain those options so you can decide what arrangements are best for your situation.

Our building is centrally located within the DC metro area, making use of public transportation convenient for many of our students. We highly recommend that all students who plan to visit our building regularly carefully consider use of public transportation and forgo driving if their situation permits.

By Bus

DMU is just one short block from the Crystal City Bus Station and within a block or two of multiple bus stops along either Jefferson Davis Highway or Crystal Drive. There are several ways you can explore bus options. Many bus users find that using their smartphone’s GPS device on the public transportation mode to see options when planning a route is both convenient and easy. Or, you can check out the following websites for bus trip planning and more info on bus transportation to and from our Crystal City neighborhood

By Metro

In addition to being close to multiple bus stops, Crystal City is also home to a Metro station serving both the blue and yellow Metro lines. A number of students, faculty and staff regularly use the Metro to get to DMU. And even if you do not live directly on a Metro line, consider that a bus in your local neighborhood is likely to connect to a Metro station. Here is more information on using the Metro.

By Bicycle or Walking

Depending on your place of residence, DMU could be easily accessible for bicyclists or those that prefer to walk. Our neighborhood of Crystal City is in a very walkable area and there are even some major bike trails that run close to our building. Learn more about biking or walking to DMU here:

Parking at DMU

If you have determined that driving to DMU is best for you, parking will need careful consideration. Because of the urban nature of our building’s location, DMU is not able to offer free parking to its students. Further, because of these limitations, access to parking cannot be guaranteed for students.

In a good faith effort to meet the parking needs of students who drive to DMU, the University has arranged some student parking, available via a lottery assignment (as requests for parking exceed supply), with a reasonable parking fee, in nearby lots.

As you continue reading about parking for students at DMU, please understand that student parking is very limited! Students should NOT make their transportation plans, specifically driving and parking plans, with the guarantee of student parking in mind.

Parking Policy

Student parking at Divine Mercy University is managed by the University’s department of Operations. As you review the parking regulations below, contact Operations at with any questions.

There are a couple of limited options for student parking near the University thanks to University negotiated contracts with affiliates.

PMI-Crystal City Underground Garage Parking Pass

The University pays for a set amount of garage parking passes from Parking Management, Inc. (PMI) garages in Crystal City each year; these passes are primarily for the use of DMU’s faculty and staff. In the past, our leftover parking passes have been made available for students at a steep discount (subsidized by the University). As DMU grows, we are experiencing a concomitant growth of faculty and staff, and thus each year there are fewer and fewer garage passes allocated for student use. These passes are generally issued in one year terms, with an initial refundable deposit of $100, plus $150 fees scheduled for each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The parking deposit will not be returned in the case of lost, damaged, or non-returned cards.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church lot – DMU Student Parking Permit

Additionally, the local Catholic parish of Our Lady of Lourdes is generously (currently) allowing a limited amount of DMU students to park in its lot. They have several conditions, including the right to revoke parking privileges of any/all students at any time they deem necessary. Currently, students with an OLOL Permit must pay a $5/year fee for this privilege.

Request for Parking Form link (email to

Download Parking Request form.

Managing Parking Expectations

Because there is a higher demand than supply for these passes, there is currently a waitlist for both parking options. To be placed on the waitlist for parking, the Request for Parking form must be completed and returned to the Business Office by the prescribed deadline prior to each semester. Going forward, if/when new garage or OLOL passes become available for student use, the recipients will be evaluated on an ongoing basis according to several factors, including but not limited to seniority, current amount of program onsite time, ability limitations, unusual commuting circumstances, unique student needs, time spent on the waitlist, etc. No individual student is directly entitled to receive a garage pass or OLOL parking permit, or should expect to keep it from year-to-year.

Additional Parking in Crystal City

Public parking can be found at metered spaces along area streets (such as S. Clark Street, 20th Street, etc.) or in underground areas designated as public parking. Additionally, regular/monthly garage parking permits can be purchased from several parking vendors in Crystal City (such as PMI, LAZ Parking, Colonial Parking, Park America, etc.). A number of underground lots are free and open to the public after 4PM and on weekends. Beware, parking in permit-only spaces without a permit and/or failure to carefully follow posted parking signage, rules, and restrictions may result in fines, tickets, or even towing at the owner’s expense.