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Tips for Teaching Remotely

Plan Early

Consider your course and determine what you will need to continue teaching online if necessary.

In order to teach online you will need access to a computer, internet connection and possibly a microphone and webcam.

Consider the goals for your course. What tools will you use during your time online? You may consider your needs and readiness in the following areas:

    • Electronic Course Materials (Syllabus, PowerPoints, Articles, Websites)
    • Pre-Recorded Lectures
    • Synchronous, Live Lectures (Zoom)
    • Online Quizzes or Exams via Canvas
    • Electronic Assignments via Canvas
    • Class Discussions via Canvas and Zoom
    • Gradebook via Canvas
    • Announcements & Student Communication via Canvas
    • Online Office Hours or Recitation Sessions can be posted in Canvas

Here are some more suggestions to consider: Strategies Online Teaching [coming soon]

We are here to support you. We offer training sessions for Canvas or Zoom by request. Please email support@divinemercy.edu to set up a training session on using Zoom or Canvas, or reach out for help setting up course materials in Canvas and using other elearning tools to enhance your online course.

Communicate With Your Students

Continue communicating with your students regularly.

As uncertainty continues, stay in regular communication with your students so that they are aware of updates, course activities, class meetings, and assessments.

Create a Communication Plan and post it in a prominent location within your course such as the Announcements area in Canvas as well as in your syllabus. A Communication Plan should include:

    • Your preferred method of communication while courses are online
    • How soon students should expect for you to return their communication
    • Turnaround time for feedback on assignments

Tools for Communicating:

    • DMU Email
    • Canvas Announcements
    • Canvas Messaging

Make Course Materials Available

Consider how you disseminate your remaining course materials.

Articles, websites, and electronic resources are a great way for students to learn. Can you find equivalent materials online? The Library is happy to help, please reach out to them for any course reading material related questions, such as student activitues that may require research. They can be reached by emailing library@divinemercy.edu, by telephone at 703-416-1441 x119, or chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Click the hyperlink to participate in Chat Reference).

Remember you can use Canvas to upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Instructor notes, and more for secure, easy to access information. Need help? Contact support@divinemercy.edu.

Make Lectures Available

Pre-Recorded or Synchronous lectures can ensure learners receive teaching directly from the source.

In addition to Zoom, Conferencing through Canvas can allow you to have synchronous lectures with your students attending virtually. Either will allow you the opportunity to interact with your students and record the lecture for students to review again in the future.

Best Practices for Recording Lectures [COMING SOON]

Checklist for live lecture [COMING SOON]

Assignments & Assessments

What remaining assignments and assessments will students need to complete for the remainder of the semester?

Take some time to review the remaining course work. Do you need assignments or assessments created in Canvas. Students can turn in work for grading through the Canvas system. Please reach out to support@divinemercy.edu for help setting up these course materials.