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Since the founding of IPS in 1999, the Institute has garnered the attention and support of numerous and distinguished intellectuals, including Pope Benedict XVI (then Cardinal Ratzinger) and Pope John Paul II.

“Allow me then to commend warmly your efforts to respond to this pressing need in the Church.”
Josef Cardinal Ratzinger – Letter to the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, 2004

“I have found IPS to be in the very forefront of a new emerging approach to therapy and training with a distinct Catholic orientation.  Such training and treatment are urgently needed.  I am very pleased to be part of this pioneering endeavor and hope it can be replicated throughout the world.”
Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. – Author and Former IPS Adjunct Professor

“All the contacts I have had with [Gladys Sweeney] and the Institute have firmed up my suspicion that it is the work not just of men and women but also of angels.  The personnel, the policies, the curriculum, the faculty, the conception of their vocation, and the providential help they have been receiving at every turn, all seem almost too good to be true.  I believe they are rendering a unique and crucial service to both Christendom and our secular culture.  … I am deeply impressed by Dr. Sweeney, by all the people I have met who are associated with the Institute – its faculty, its students, their parents, and the ecclesial support of this lay enterprise.

Everything I know about this Institute makes me confident that its graduates are destined to “make waves” in our society that will touch and heal many, many sore souls and make a deep and lasting influence on individuals, families, our culture, and the science of psychology itself.  I cannot recommend it too highly and enthusiastically.”
Dr. Peter Kreeft, Boston College – Author and Professor at Boston College, Guest Lecturer at IPS

“This Institute is an international center for scholarship and professional training dedicated to the development of a psychology grounded in an integral Catholic Christian view of the human person. Those among us providing spiritual healing now have competent partners  providing psychological healing.”  Bishop Paul S. Loverde, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, IPS Board Member, 2012 Commencement Speaker

“During the past decade, the Institute for the Psychological Sciences has prepared its students and others to discover a happiness that conforms to the divinely established “plan of sheer goodness.”
Romanus Cessario, O.P., 2010 Commencement Speaker, Associate Editor of the Thomist and Senior Editor of Magnificat

“The Holy Father [Pope John Paul II]…was pleased to learn of your efforts to advance the dialogue between Christian faith and the study of theoretical and practical psychology within an anthropological perspective which respects the full truth of the human person.  His Holiness sends prayerful good wishes for the work of the Institute.”
Leonardo Sandri, – Substitute for the Secretary of State of His Holiness Pope John Paul II

“The IPS is an institution of vital importance for the Church and for our society.”
Ronald Tacelli, S.J., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Boston College