Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all internal aid opportunities (scholarships, Discounts, and awards) offered by The Institute whether stated specifically or not; the terms “scholarship,” “award,” and the like are utilized interchangeably throughout the terms and conditions.
  2. All scholarships and internal aid opportunities are limited in quantity based on internal, institutional controls.
  3. Scholarships are added at the start of a semester to the student’s account. Any scholarships that are subject to being one-off have completion dates applied to them.
  4. Scholarships are not refundable to the student and can only be used to offset tuition costs. (not fees)
  5. If crediting the scholarship funds to the student’s account ledger results in a credit balance in the student’s account ledger, the entire amount of credit balance will be applied towards the student’s outstanding federal/private loan balance.
  6. DMU Scholarships are intended to supplement the student’s resources, and cannot cover the full cost of tuition to any DMU program. Therefore, scholarships/discount opportunities are not a substitute for adequate financial preparation, including preparation to accept Federal Student Loans to cover tuition costs.
  7. Scholarship opportunities are awarded for one academic year.  Some Awards may be renewable annually contingent upon the terms and conditions of the Scholarship/Discount being maintained each academic semester.
  8. Students may be awarded a maximum of one DMU Scholarship and one Discount opportunity (excluding the Early Admissions Scholarship). They can’t be combined with Reduced Tuition Partnerships (MOUs).
  9. The student must maintain both a semester and cumulative GPA that is at or above the minimum published criteria by which to remain a student in their degree program, and the student must maintain any GPA requirement specifically designated for the scholarship they have been awarded.
  10. A change in the student’s enrollment status which is connected to an award or award criteria may result in the award being immediately revoked or non-renewable.
  11. The scholarship/discount is not renewable for courses/terms/semesters failed, courses/terms/semesters not completed, or courses/terms/semesters that may need to be re-taken for any reason.
  12. Students must be continually enrolled in a degree program to maintain scholarship(s)/internal aid awards; any break in continual enrollment may result in loss of the award(s).
  13. The scholarship/discount is forfeited if the student withdraws from the program, interrupts the continual course of study/program, changes programs, or changes status in any way from full-time continual enrollment.
  14. DMU reserves the right to reduce, in part or in whole, any granted scholarship.
  15. The student will be notified by the DMU assigned student email account if any changes in scholarship status should occur. The student is responsible for checking this account regularly in accordance with DMU policy.
  16. If the student continues to study beyond the term noted in a scholarship award, a reapplication for this scholarship must be submitted with the understanding that approval for continuation of a scholarship beyond the noted term limit is not guaranteed.
  17. DMU holds the right to deny any application that does not abide by the scholarship terms and conditions.
  18. Awards are subject to funds availability.