Office of Financial Aid: Cost of Attendance

One of the most important decisions you will make is pursuing your degree at Divine Mercy University.  We are constantly working to keep your tuition costs affordable and competitive with other institutions. Combined with scholarships and other forms of financial aid, you will find that paying for your education is possible.

Cost of attendance varies by program.  Please navigate below to find the direct expenses and indirect expenses per program. Tuition and fees are evaluated and updated annually.

Understand the true cost of attending Divine Mercy by using our new net price calculator. It takes 5 minutes to give you a personalized result. It is an estimate, it does not represent a final determination, or actual offer, of financial assistance. Let us know if you have any questions.

Direct expenses represent the direct cost of a DMU degree. This is the amount that it costs to attend classes. This is the amount that is due to DMU. Beyond this amount there may be incurred other personal expenses associated with attending the program. Indirect expenses are highly lifestyle dependent and can vary accordingly.

Indirect expenses are highly dependent on individual circumstances. Indirect expenses are not academic expenses owed to DMU. The costs that students pay to maintain their internet connection, purchase textbooks, travel due to program requirements can vary based on location. These figures represent the loan eligibility for indirect expenses. If there are extenuating circumstances that necessitate a higher level of indirect expenses than this award it is possible to consult the Financial Aid Office to see if loan eligibility may be increased by the extenuating circumstances.

Note that this is only an estimate of actual costs due to the inclusion of indirect expenses which vary from person to person. Also note that there is typically a 3% tuition increase per credit every fall which is not included in these figures.

For the 2024-2025 academic year please view below for all programs

Tuition Per Credit Hour
Psy D (122 Course Credits) $1,205
MS in Psychology (Online)(36 Course Credits) $876
MS in Counseling (66 Course Credits) $953
SD Certification Program $800
Audit Tuition 50% program tuition/credit hour
Fees for all Degree Programs Per occurrence
Application Fee $55
Late Registration Fee $60
Add/ Drop Fee (once per term if applicable) $40
Graduation Fee $75
Returned check fee (each service) $35
Diploma replacement fee $50
Fees PsyD Program Per Semester (unless specified otherwise)
Technology Fee (per semester) $50
Library Fee (per semester) $110
Student Activity fee (per semester) $30
Lab Fee (PSY 608, PSY 613, PSY 836) $130 for each lab $130
PsyD Continuous Enrollment Fee (per occurrence) $603
Fees MS Counseling Program Per course
Technology Fee per Course $50
Residency Fee (COUN 510, COUN 580, COUN 690) $1,650
Lab Fees (COUN 540, COUN 620, COUN 640 I, II, III) $75
Fees MS Psychology Program Per course
Technology Fee per Course $50
Residency Fee MSP (online) $250
Fees SDC Program Per course
Application Fee $25
Residency Fee SDC $1,100
SDC Practicum Enrollment Fee (Per Term) $50
SDC Practicum with Supervision Fee (Per Term) $100
Graduation Fee $60
Returned check fee (each service) $35
Diploma replacement fee $50

Payment of Student Account
The University requires students to satisfy their student account at the time of registration, prior to attending classes. The Financial Aid Office and the Business Office are available to assist students in obtaining resources for meeting these financial obligations.

Payment Plans
The University offers payment plans as an option for students who are unable to satisfy their student account at the time of registration. Applications for payment plans will be considered on an individual basis, through the Business Office.

For Financial Aid information:
Call. 703.416.1441 ext. 151  /  571-257-0878
For Student accounts, payment plans:
Call.  703-416-1441 ext.105