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2017-2018 Newman Lecture Series

The truth is that only in the mystery of the incarnate Word does the mystery of man take on light. Christ the Lord…fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear. (Vatican Council II, Gaudium et Spes, n. 22)

The 2017-2018 Newman Lecture series seeks to explore what science and faith have to offer on the equality, difference, and complementarity of man and woman. Man and woman are equal in value and dignity. They are also equally human. Nonetheless, in addition to many similarities, there are also significant differences that, when understood, can be seen as the basis for their unique complementarity. This 2017-2018 series identifies the psychological, social, economic, philosophical, legal, and spiritual dimensions of being man or woman, in the light of the truth that Christ brings to understanding the human reality.

About the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman Series

The Newman Lectures feature speakers who are widely recognized for their contributions to the fields of psychology, moral and political philosophy, theology, and law. This lecture series is held under the sponsorship of Divine Mercy University and seeks to promote an international conversation among various disciplines that treat the human person. Each lecture series is published with an eye toward building a body of learned discussion that is catholic, both in its breadth of research and in its dialogue with contemporary Catholic thought.

The published volumes appear under the patronage of St. Catherine of Alexandria in order to demonstrate the conviction of those responsible for the Newman Lecture Series that the human person flourishes only when the Creator of heaven and earth is loved above all things.


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As an addition to our Newman Lectures this fall, there will be an “after-lecture party”, perfect for perspective students or for anyone who may be interested in learning more about the overall mission and vision of DMU. Guests can submit a special RSVP and then stay a little longer after the lecture to learn more about DMU.