Welcome to Student Accounts at DMU!

The Student Accounts Office helps students with all financial aspects during their studies at Divine Mercy University. Your student account is a record of all expenses charged to you by the University for your education as well as all your corresponding payments, scholarships, and other credits.

This section has information about making payments for your tuition and other expenses directly related to your education here as well as an explanation of refunds, overpayments, and delinquent (past due) accounts.

How do student accounts work?

A student account is established for each student at the time he or she is admitted to the University. This account is used to record student charges and payments. Each student is responsible for the proper settlement of his or her student account.

Divine Mercy University complies with Federal regulations to ensure the confidentiality of the financial records associated with a student’s education as well as the student’s access to all of these records.