Student Accounts - Divine Mercy University


To establish guidelines for student account refunds and overpayments, responsibility for payment of student accounts, and to define and establish disposition of delinquent accounts.

Covered Persons:

This policy applies to student accounts established with Divine Mercy University.

Definitions and Policy:

I. Student Account

A student account is established for each student at the time they are admitted to the University. This account is used to record student charges and payments. Each student is responsible for the proper settlement of their student account. Divine Mercy University upholds Federal laws and regulations which give students certain rights to privacy of their education records and rights of access to their education records.

II. Payment-Tuition and Fees Due Dates

Tuition and fees for all pre-registered students are due 10 days after the receipt of your invoice.

Invoices will be provided electronically via your email address. Students are responsible for monitoring their university email for invoices and account statements.

III. Returned Check Fees

All checks deposited through the University that are returned by the university’s banking institution will incur a $35.00 return check fee. Once the check has been returned from the banking institution, the face value of the check plus the $35.00 will be charged back to the account to which the original deposit was made.

The $35.00 return check fee will also apply to electronic check (ACH) transactions which are returned for any reason.

IV. Consideration of Estimated Financial Aid

Students who receive awards through the Divine Mercy University Financial Aid Office are responsible for paying any balance that is not covered by their award. Listed below are examples of these awards:

  • Stafford Student Loans
  • Grad Plus Loans
  • University Scholarships

If a student will receive an outside scholarship that will be paid directly to DMU, the student should notify the Business Office and Financial Aid Office. The scholarship will be noted on the student’s financial aid account. The scholarship will not be reflected on the student’s account or shown as a reduction on their bill until the actual scholarship is received by DMU. While the student may consider these scholarships as a reduction of the amount owed, the student will be responsible for paying any balance that the scholarship does not cover or if the scholarship is not received.

If a financial aid award is adjusted or reversed for any reason and creates a balance on the student’s account, the balance becomes the student’s responsibility and is payable upon notification to the student by letter, email or mailed bill of the adjustment or the reversal.

V. Financial Aid Refunds

Divine Mercy University adheres to all Federal and State regulations and guidelines when processing student refund checks.

Student refund checks are not available each semester until the first day of classes at the earliest. Availability of a refund check is determined by disbursement of funds to the student’s account. The University does not advance funds in anticipation of aid being received.

A refund request is generally not needed for financial aid disbursement refunds. Please note this does not include credit balances from dropped classes after the initial financial aid disbursement. Financial good standing and a university record clear of holds are required for students to receive services. Refunds will not be provided to students with a financial hold of any kind on their record.

Students will be notified by email when a refund check is available to be picked up. Refund checks that are not picked up within two weeks of the student being notified by email will be mailed to the student’s address on file.

VI. Other Student Account Refunds

Credit balances which are the result of an overpayment by the student will not be automatically refunded. In this circumstance, the student must request a refund via email to the Business Office.  For a check payment, a refund check will not be issued until fourteen days after the payment creating the credit balance was received. This is to allow a check payment to clear the University’s bank.

When a student has a credit on their account from a dropped class, they may request a refund through the Business Office. Credit balances are also reviewed and refunds are processed throughout the semester, regardless of refund requests.

Financial good standing and a university record clear of holds are required for students to receive services. Refunds will not be provided to students with a financial hold of any kind on their record.

NOTE: Students should not overpay accounts with an expectation that a credit balance will pay for future semester charges.

VII. Payment Plan Arrangements

Students have the option to enroll in a Payment Plan. This plan splits their Tuition Payment into monthly installments per agreement with the Business Office.

Students enrolled in a payment plan with Divine Mercy University and who are current with their payments will be allowed to make monthly payments instead of paying the full balance at the start of the semester.

If calculations show that the student’s monthly payments will not cover their account balance the account will be deemed as short. Upon notification of the shortage, the student must either pay the shortage or increase their payment plan installments. A registration and transcript hold will be placed on the student’s account until the shortage is resolved.

If a student is delinquent on their monthly payments, a registration and transcript hold will be placed on their account until the account is brought current.

The payment plan is offered as a service to students. The University reserves rights regarding this service. For example, if a student’s payment plan becomes delinquent or if payments per the student’s plan are not met, the University has the right to cancel the student’s current plan and to prevent the student from participating in payment plans in the future.

VIII. Enforcement and Collection Procedures

Account Holds

Students with outstanding balances greater than $50.00 will have an Accounts Receivable /Financial hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent the student from registering for the next semester and receiving official transcripts until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

Students with an outstanding balance less than $50.00 will have a Transcript (TH) hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent the student from reviewing grades or receiving official transcripts until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

If an outstanding balance remains unpaid, the student will be subject to the collection policies of the University.

Students who have an account balance at the end of the semester and who are not pre-registered for the following semester will be sent a final bill. Their account will be considered past due thirty days from the date of the last bill.

IX. 1098-T Tuition Statement

The university must file a 1098-T with the IRS for enrolled students with a reportable transaction. The university does NOT report Box 1, student payments, but does report Box 2, the IRS qualified charges assessed during the tax year. The IRS requires us to report the charges according to the date and calendar year of when they are posted.

A 1098-T form is automatically mailed to students with a US citizenship status of native, naturalized, or permanent resident on university records. As required by law, your 1098-T statement will be mailed by January 31st of the following year. Students without one of these three US citizenship statuses or students with a non-resident alien status will not have a 1098-T automatically generated. To request a 1098-T be generated, please contact the Business Office at 703-416-0201 or We will generate the current year’s 1098-T upon receipt of your request AND a completed modified W-9S form (PDF). The deadline to request the current tax year’s 1098-T form is July 1st.

We cannot provide tax advice or assistance related to the credit or how to claim the credit. The 1098-T, along with your copy of your Divine Mercy University billing statements, should be used by your tax preparer to determine your eligibility for a tax credit.


Student Billing Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay and how much?

Invoices are emailed to your university assigned email address. This invoice will provide details regarding the amount due as well as the due date.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Students can pay by check or debit/credit card. Please note there is a 2.5% non-refundable convenience fee applied for debit/credit card payments.

Can I pay online?

Yes. Click here to pay online with a credit card.
*Please note there is a 2.5% non-refundable convenience fee applied for credit card payments.

If I want to mail a payment, where do I send it?

Divine Mercy University, Attn: Business Office
2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 511
Arlington 22202

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, DMU offers no-interest payment plans. Students may apply by emailing the Business Office. If a student does not honor the approved agreement, the Business Office reserves the right to revoke agreement and request the balance be paid in full.

How does my financial aid get applied to my bill?

Financial aid awarded internally by DMU (scholarships, student assistantships, etc.) will be applied to your account and noted as credits on the statement you will receive.

Loan disbursements are credited to a student’s account within 24 hours of DMU receiving the funds from G5 (the Department of Education). This process is coordinated with the DMU Business Office and all attempts are made to distribute student refund checks as soon as possible.

What if I drop a class? Will I receive a refund?

Students dropping a course after classes have begun may be subject to partial tuition fees based on the point at which the class was dropped. For details about the drop/withdraw refund policies and deadlines, consult the student handbook for your respective program. This may be found on the enrollment services page by clicking “Academic Catalog/Policies”.

Students will generally not receive a removal of tuition, course fees, and other associated fees until after the end of the published Add/Drop period noted in the catalog.

Please see Student Accounts Information Page for information about refund check disbursements.

Where do I find more information about financial aid process?

Visit DMU’s Financial Aid FAQ page.

What if I have a questions not answered here?

More detailed information regarding financial policies, fees, and refund policies, please consult the student handbook. This is available on the enrollment services page by clicking “Academic Catalog/Policies”.

For additional questions, please contact Mabel Imala in the business office, at (703) 416-0201 or