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Financial Aid Refunds

When does the University send financial aid refund checks?

Student financial aid refund checks are available no earlier than the first day of classes. The University disburses these funds when they are received in the student’s account (not in anticipation of aid being received). You do not need to request the disbursement of a financial aid refund, but feel free to contact the Business Office if you have specific questions about a refund you expect to receive.

When a refund check is available to be picked up, the student is notified by email. Refund checks that are not picked up within two weeks of the email are mailed to the student’s address on file.

Financial good standing and a University record clear of holds are required for students to receive services. Refunds will not be provided to students with a financial hold of any kind on their record.

What if I drop a class? Will I receive a refund?

If a class is dropped during the semester, after already receiving financial aid, a refund will not be issued for any resulting credit balance during the same semester.

The removal of tuition and fees associated with a dropped class from a student’s account will generally not take effect until after the Add/Drop period for that course. If you wish to expedite this process, please contact the business office.

If you drop a course after classes have begun, it may be subject to partial tuition fees, based on when it was dropped. To learn about the drop/withdraw refund policies and deadlines, see the student handbook for your program. This can be found on the enrollment services page under “Academic Catalog/Policies”.

The Business Office, Divine Mercy University