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Payment Plans

What if a student cannot pay the entire balance due at one time? Do you offer payment plans?

Students have the option to enroll in a no-interest Payment Plan. By setting up a plan with the Business Office, you can pay your tuition in monthly installments over the course of the semester. You may apply by emailing the Business Office.

If a student’s monthly payments will not cover his or her account balance, the account is considered “short”. Upon notification of the shortage, the student must either pay the shortage or increase monthly payments. A registration and transcript hold will be placed on the student’s account until the shortage is resolved.

If a student is delinquent on monthly payments, a registration and transcript hold will be placed on the account until the account is brought current.

The payment plan is a service offered to students by the University, and the University reserves the right to withhold or cancel payment plans for due cause.

The Business Office, Divine Mercy University