Episode 01: Forgiveness & Mental Health

In this episode, we discuss how hatred restrains a person from achieving happiness, and how to accomplish forgiveness to maintain a free soul and peaceful mind. Our guest for this podcast is Dr. Paul C. Vitz, Senior Scholar and Professor at Divine Mercy University and Professor Emeritus at New York University.

Dr. Vitz’s areas of special interest include the Catholic Christian psychological model of the person, the psychology of fatherhood and family, psychological origins of atheism, the incorporation of virtues for mental health, hatred, and forgiveness, and recently the psychology of male and female complementarity.

He is the author of several books and numerous articles. Read his full bio.


The Called to Flourish Podcast covers mental health topics through a Catholic Christian perspective to highlight human dignity and help achieve an integrated healing process of the heart, mind, and soul. It is hosted by Fr. Charles Sikorski, LC, JD, JCL, president of Divine Mercy University (DMU), and Thomas Cronquist, Director of Institutional Advancement at DMU.

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