Episode 2: Depression among College Students

In this episode, we discuss depression, the influence of social media, family, friends, and general backgrounds that may be possible causes for it. And how spirituality and faith may be helpful to either avoid the problem or overcome it. We also talk about the importance to seek professional help when dealing with this condition. Our guest for this podcast is Dr. Julia Klausli, Ph.D., Director of the M.S. in Psychology program at Divine Mercy University.

She is an experienced researcher focusing on numerous interests like spirituality and depression among college students, approaches to self-care amongst individuals who work in full-time ministry, the importance of spirituality in marriage, parenting, and family processes.

Read her full bio: https://divinemercy.edu/m-s-psycholog…


The Called to Flourish Podcast covers mental health topics through a Catholic Christian perspective to highlight human dignity and help achieve an integrated healing process of the heart, mind, and soul. It is hosted by Fr. Charles Sikorski, LC, JD, JCL, president of Divine Mercy University (DMU), and Thomas Cronquist, Director of Institutional Advancement at DMU.

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