Faculty - Divine Mercy University

Full-time/Part-time Faculty

Joann Altiero, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director IPS training clinic, Clinical Supervisor

Suzanne Hollman, Psy.D., Associate Professor, Co-Director of the Psy.D. Program, Clinical Supervisor

Lisa Klewicki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Clinical Supervisor

Su Li Lee, Psy.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Supervisor

Rebecca Morse, Ph.D., Associate Professor

William J. Nordling, Ph.D., Professor, Academic Dean and Chair of Department of Psychology, Clinical Supervisor

Harvey Payne, Psy.D., Dean, School of Counseling, Associate Professor of Counseling and Associate Professor of Psychology, Clinical Supervisor

Anna Pecoraro, Psy.D., Associate Professor, Director of the M.S. Psychology Program, Clinical Supervisor

Philip Scrofani, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor, Co-Director of the Psy.D. Program, Clinical Supervisor

Craig S. Titus, S.T.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of Integrative Studies, Director, Newman Lecture Series and Editor for the IPS Press

Paul C. Vitz, Ph.D., Senior Scholar and Professor

Adjunct Professor


Lianna Bennett, Psy.D., Adjunct Professor

Michael J. Donahue, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

Stephen P. Grundman, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

Fr. Robert Presutti, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

Thomas Pillion III, M.D., Adjunct Professor

Marc M. Sebrechts, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

Nicholas Stevens, Psy.D., Adjunct Professor

Thomas Van Dillen, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

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