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This is not an application form, this form is to request more information, to get in contact with us and to know which Scholarships you are interested in.

  1. Applicants must be active or prospective students fully engaged in the admissions process at DMU. If you have not yet begun the application process to a program of study, please contact the Admissions Office at

  2. Before applying for scholarships, you must first submit the Admissions Application to the academic program of study, for which you are seeking admission (i.e., Master of Science in Counseling, Doctor of Clinical Psychology or Master of Science in General Psychology).

  3. Please carefully review each scholarship and the Scholarship Terms and Conditions to ensure you meet its requirements.

  4. Students may be awarded a maximum of one DMU Scholarship and one Discount opportunity (excluding the Early Admissions Scholarship). They can’t be combined with Reduced Tuition Partnerships (MOUs).

  5. A Financial Aid Overview meeting needs to be scheduled before submitting any document. To schedule that meeting please reach out to:

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*Please note that in order for your application to be completed, you must submit all documentation required by the specific scholarships for which you are applying to Awards will not be considered until your complete application is received by the Office of Financial Aid at DMU.