Grading Policies (PsyD)

To ensure that grades are awarded with justice and on a uniform basis, all members of the faculty are required to make clear to their students at the beginning of each course the principles which they will employ in determining final grades.  A clear statement of grading principles offered by the instructor is the student’s strict right and the instructor’s serious duty. The University allows instructors to define numerically what each grade requires as well as assign finer distinctions such as A-, B+, etc.  On official transcripts, grade points will be reflected as follows:

GradeGrade Point AverageOn 1000 Points Per Class Scale
Transcript EntryPoints
NC (No Credit EarnedNone
INC (Incomplete)None
IP (In-Process)None
W (Withdrawal)None
WP (Withdrawal-Passing)None
WF (Withdrawal-FailingNone


A student may petition an instructor to be assigned an “incomplete” as a grade when one or more course requirements have not been completed by the end of the course, due to extraordinary circumstances. The awarding of an “incomplete” is at the discretion of the instructor. To be awarded an “incomplete,” the student and instructor must complete and sign theIncomplete Course Agreement Formand the instructor must deliver it to the Registrar at the time that grades are due. The instructor is responsible for notifying the Office of the Registrar of the final grade assigned upon completion of all course requirements.

When a student has been assigned an Incomplete the student must complete all outstanding course requirements within three months following the end of the semester or term of registration for the course.  Failure to complete all course requirements will result in the instructor awarding a grade based upon work completed. Students who receive financial aid and who carry a grade of Incomplete into a subsequent semester risk loss of financial aid for that semester.  Carrying an Incomplete course grade reduces the student’s overall grade point average and lowers his/her credit hours attempted-to-completed ratio – either or both factors can create a failure to meet the financial aid requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress.