Spiritual Direction Certificate Program Garners Positive Feedback

The Spiritual Direction Certificate Program (SDC) has successfully completed its first course “Ongoing Conversion, Deepening Discipleship and the Foundations of Spiritual Direction”. The first course of the new program finished early in March with 35 students, including a group of 15 students from the Philippines. The cohort starts the next course, “Human and Spiritual Development” in May.

The new program has been enriching and fruitful for those participating. Beverly Stone, a student and spiritual director from Atlanta, GA, had this to say about it:

“The course is amazing! At this point I can’t think of a single thing that I would change…I feel humbled to be a part of this program.”

Beverly Stone

Overall feedback on the program thus far has been incredibly positive. The 8-week course, lead by dynamic Professor, Dr. Ian Murphy, Ph.D., went over themes such as the personal call to holiness, our response to Divine Revelation and how spiritual direction differs from counseling and therapy. For those already in ministry wondering if the program would be worth the time, student and facilitator Jennifer Ristine shares her perspective:

“I had studied Spiritual Theology and already been engaged in offering spiritual direction, so I only anticipated a refresher course. But DMU’s Spiritual Direction Certificate offered so much more: sound foundational content steeped in the Church’s tradition while addressing contemporary times; pedagogical tools that not only served my ministry, but also brought about a deeper awareness of God’s action and my response throughout my life; and a community of mission-driven learners with whom i felt blessed to know.”

Jennifer Ristine

The Spiritual Direction Certificate program offered through Divine Mercy University is shaping spiritual directors able to help guide the faithful to ever greater holiness. If you feel called to develop the gifts God has given you to guide your brothers and sisters in the Church, fill out an application today. If you have specific questions or would like to speak to an admissions representative you can contact an admissions advisor.

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