School of Counseling Vision

The vision of the School of Counseling (SOC) of Divine Mercy University is to inspire global training of transformational leaders and social justice advocates who use counseling as an instrument of healing.

School of Counseling Mission

The mission of the School of Counseling is to develop and maintain an world-wide educational community offering master’s level degree programs in professional counseling in support of the DMU’s integrative mission, that is inclusive of a culture of feedback wherein student voices are heard and respected.

Students will be prepared to:

  1. Hear the rich and complex voices of clients in view of each person’s flourishing, even in the midst of human difficulty and challenge;
  2. Demonstrate compassionate and versatile interpersonal skills to develop healing relationships with clients in collaboration with other professionals;
  3. Become professional counselors who, informed by a Catholic Christian vision of the flourishing person, inspire themselves and others to have courage to trust, hope, and love.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Mission

The mission of the DMU – SOC Entry-level specialty program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is to teach and train graduates for community practice as competent, culturally sensitive, ethical, and morally sound professional counselors prepared to provide diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and to effectively facilitate flourishing and personal transformation. Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduates are prepared to serve in their communities as advocates for social justice, and as service-oriented facilitators of mental health and wellness with a focus on respect for dignity in diversity and the human person.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Philosophy

This program is designed to prepare professionals for practice who will have the presence, knowledge, and skills to address a wide variety of circumstances within the context of the specialization of Clinical Mental Health Counseling.