M.S. in Counseling: Curriculum

The M.S. in Counseling degree requirements are designed to be completed in two-three years of full-time study. The curriculum is conveyed primarily asynchronous with synchronous requirements.  Asynchronous learning is what is typically thought of with online learning: students can access the information and work on learning activities in any location and at any time. Synchronous learning is when students interact in-real time with other students and faculty through various technologies such as video conferencing and with extended weekend residencies.

Online video conferencing will include students doing role plays or demonstrating skills based on student schedules (synchronous) and then uploading the video for faculty and/or student reviews (asynchronous). Skills will cover basic interpersonal skills to advanced counseling techniques, presentation skills, and other skills necessary for the counseling profession.

The M.S. in Counseling degree program includes 22 credit bearing courses for a total of 66 credit hours. DMU operates using a Fall, Spring, and Summer semester model, with two 8-week terms in the Fall and Spring semesters, and one 8-week term during the Summer. DMU courses satisfy requirements for 3 semester credits provided for each course with a few exceptions. The following courses differ:

  • COUN 500, COUN 690, COUN 691, COUN 692


COUN 500 Counseling Advisement (0)
COUN 510 Foundation and Ethics of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)
COUN 520 Theories and Models of Counseling and Personality (3)
COUN 530 Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan (3)
COUN 540 Career Development (3)
COUN 550 Research and Program Evaluation (3)
COUN 560 Social and Cultural Diversity (3)
COUN 570 Marriage and Family Systems Theory (3)
COUN 580 Counseling Skills and Helping Relationships (3)
COUN 600 Developmental Psychopathology – Risk and Resilience (3)
COUN 610 Group Counseling and Group Work (3)
COUN 620 Assessment and Testing Across the Lifespan (3)
COUN 630 Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (3)
COUN 640 Crisis & Trauma-Prevention and Treatment (3)
COUN 650 Addictions Counseling (3)
COUN 660 Child and Adolescent Counseling (3)
COUN 670 Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling (3)
COUN 690 Counseling Practicum/Advanced Clinical Intervention Skills (3)
COUN 691 & 692  Counseling Internship I (3) & 2 (3)
COUN 693 Counseling Internship 3 (1-3 credit hours, based on projected need for student)
COUN 694 Supplemental Counseling Internship (1-3 credit hours, based on projected need for student)
PHT 513 The Flourishing Person (3)
PHT 523 Moral Character and Spiritual Flourishing (3)
PHT 533 Flourishing in Relationships (3)