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2021 Newman Lecture Series (Virtual Events)

February 18 at 5:30-7pm ET – Forgiveness in the Healing of Communities: Science and Practice

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In this lecture, Dr. Robert Enright will present his groundbreaking scientific study of interpersonal forgiveness in the context of the family, school, workplace, house of worship, and world conflict zones. Scientific study has demonstrated how interpersonal forgiveness reduces the emotion of anger, while increasing psychological well-being.

Dr. Robert EnrightDr. Enright’s award winning book, “Forgiveness Therapy” (2015, with Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, published by the American Psychological Association), describes his intervention approach. He has worked on interventions including women who have suffered discrimination, cardiac patients, and children in schools. He has developed ways to assess group forgiveness, that is, the forgiveness of one group by another. He has worked with sample populations in China and Taiwan, Northern Ireland, and with African-American and European-American groups. His work is just beginning to explore the role of forgiveness in the healing of communities.



January 7 at 5:30-7pm ET – Coping with Current Events: The Role and Relevance of Spirituality

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Headshot of David RosmarinDavid H. Rosmarin, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Director of the McLean Hospital Spirituality & Mental Health Program. He is a clinical innovator whose work on integrating spirituality into cognitive behavior therapy has wide acclaim, and a prolific researcher who has authored over 90 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Rosmarin’s work has been featured in Scientific American, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.





About the St. John Henry Newman Series

The Newman Lecture Series feature speakers who are widely recognized for their contributions to the fields of psychology, moral and political philosophy, theology, and law. This lecture series is held under the sponsorship of Divine Mercy University and seeks to promote an international conversation among various disciplines that treat the human person. Each lecture series is published with an eye toward building a body of learned discussion that is catholic, both in its breadth of research and in its dialogue with contemporary Catholic-Christian thought.