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Students who fulfill all program completion requirements receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is a declaration that the student has successfully completed the course of training, which includes content, skills mastery, and supervised practicum. Spiritual direction, unlike clinical professions such as psychology, counseling, or social work, does not have an officially recognized licensing board that acts as a legal and ethical gateway to the spiritual direction “profession”. It is a Christian ministry and a professionally unregulated field. Consequently, obtaining the Certificate of Completion does not mean that students automatically become an officially recognized Catholic or Christian Spiritual Director. It does mean that the student who has successfully concluded the program has attained the sufficient mastery of content, interpersonal skills, and initial spiritual direction practice that could be reasonably expected for someone beginning ministry as a spiritual director.

Each Church, diocese, parish, religious order, congregation, or other Church entity might have specific oversight and requirements for spiritual directors who wish to exercise within their ecclesiastical boundaries or jurisdiction. Students are encouraged to be in touch with their local pastors or faith community leaders regarding their participation in the program and inform themselves about any local church requirements.


In order to be considered for admission into the Spiritual Direction Certificate (SDC) program at Divine Mercy University, you must fulfill certain admission requirements. Below is a list of the requirements for admission:

Complete the application process which includes:

  • Application Document:

  • Completed Application for Admission document

  • A recommendation from one's pastor, minister, or religious leader using the form provided: please send this link to your recommender to fill out.

  • Short Questions: Submission of answers to the short question in the Second Part of the Application for Admission Process - You will receive an email with a link to your questions after completing the First Part of the Application Application for Admission.

  • $25 Application Fee: which the Admissions Office can choose to waive in extenuating circumstances.

After all application materials have been submitted, our Admissions office will contact the applicant regarding the interview phase of the application.

Qualifying applicants will be invited to schedule a video conference interview with Admissions. Pending the outcome of the individual meeting with Admissions, a group video conference interview with other applicants and the SDC faculty members will follow.


The Spiritual Direction Certificate program has three start dates each academic year; August, January and May.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for this program, with the deadlines as published herein.  

Applicants seeking admission to a program after the published final deadline has passed should contact Admissions for further assistance and to inquire if additional spaces may still be available. Note that seating is limited and cohorts may fill to capacity prior to published deadlines.  


  • Application Deadline: May 10th, 2024
NOTE:  This is a two-part application!  
Once you have completed *all* required fields in Part I, including the payment section, you will receive an email with the link to Part II which includes the required essays and resume upload instructions.

I. Personal Information

Present Mailing Address

Permanent Mailing Address

Telephone Numbers
Note: DMU may contact applicants via text.

Location to be considered 'home'

Most Recent Employment

II. Enrollment Information
III. How did you hear about Divine Mercy University?

Please supply supporting information so we better understand the source(s) where you discovered DMU. For example, please give the name of specific conference attended, career fair location, name of parish/church or pastoral connection to DMU, location of advertisement, name of alumnus or personal friend, etc. This information, in specificity, greatly assists with our marketing and outreach efforts.

Thank you for your contribution.

IV. Academic Experience

High School Information
Academic Institution 1
Academic Institution 2
Academic Institution 3
Academic Institution 4

V. Recommendations
Three Recommendation Forms are required for all applications of the Spiritual Direction Certificate.  Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s pastor or minister. The Applicant is responsible for providing the Recommender with the link to the form and ensuring the completion of the form.

Pastor or Minister
Recommender has known the applicant for
years as (check all that apply):

VI. Personal Background Questions

This section asks questions related to your personal background. Each question in this section must be answered.
VIII. Payment
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