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IPS Academic Dean to Transition to New Role


The Institute for the Psychological Sciences started as an inspired idea and dream in the mind of its visionary founders.  Over these last 18 years, IPS has developed into a well-established and renowned program, culminating with APA accreditation. In recent years, the Institute has been able to extend its reach significantly through its online program, and most recently, the momentum of the Institute has led to the establishment of a University that not only offers psychology but also offers a world-class program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This impressive story has been due to the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of many individuals, some still with us, and others who have moved on.

One of the key figures has been Dr. William Nordling. Dr. Nordling has assumed various roles in the Institute over these years, meeting important needs as they have arisen. Most recently, he has been serving as Academic Dean, a task which involves notable administrative responsibilities, together with the teaching, student supervision, and research load incumbent upon the faculty. On the scholarly and professional side, he is a national leader in the areas of child and marital therapy, assisted in the founding and development of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association, and has contributed significantly to the ongoing development of the Catholic-Christian model used at the IPS and now being adapted for Professional Counseling.

As DMU continues to look to the future needs and opportunities, Dr. Nordling’s capabilities in teaching, research, and further development of the IPS Model stand out. Consequently, Dr. Nordling will be stepping down as IPS Dean at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year. Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, he will dedicate himself completely to the critical mission of teaching, research, and mentoring faculty and students in the Catholic-Christian Model, while continuing to develop and publish this Model. IPS and now DMU have an impressive “oral tradition” that will be set down and made available and continually developed by future generations here and elsewhere.

Accordingly, although he will be primarily associated with the School of Psychology (IPS), Dr. Nordling will also have an appointment to Divine Mercy University’s Department of Integrative Studies, which will allow him to contribute to this important task.  As a faculty member for the IPS, he will continue to teach courses in child, marital and family therapy, supervise students in the IPS Clinic, and work with students on dissertations.

The search and selection for a new IPS Dean will take place over the course of the academic year, with the help of a Search Committee. Given the uniqueness of the IPS mission and history, the search process will be an invited process.  Individuals interested in the position can email the Search Committee (searchcommittee@divinemercy.edu).

DMU would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Nordling and all the faculty, staff and students of DMU for their hard work, dedication, and example.

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