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Showcasing Student Research

On September 8th, 80 DMU students, faculty, and staff gathered at the new campus in Sterling, VA for the 2nd Annual IPS Student Symposium and DMU President’s Picnic.  As the fall semester kicked off, It was a day filled with insight into the work of the students and fraternity among the community.

The IPS Student Symposium was organized by the Department of Research Training, led by Dr. Rebecca Morse.  A small group of advanced doctoral students (selected through peer review) presented for 15-minutes each on a variety of topics and categories.

The presenters and topics were as follows:

  • Committing to Meaning in the Age of Identity Exploration by Mairead Bogley
  • Celibacy and Eros: An Integrated Approach to Sexuality in Religious Life by Fr. Bryan Duggan (Nominated for Best in Theology)
  • Integrated Self, Integrated Other: The Role of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Psychological Processes in Shaping Empathic Abilities by Maura McFadden (Nominated for Best in Psychology)
  • A Theology of Laughter and the Body: Social Laughter as an Expression of Man’s Psychosomatic Intersubjectivity by Annamarie Sproull (Nominated for Best in Integration)

Following the oral presentations, poster presentations were given from an array of students.  The 20 posters were diverse in topic and research areas. Students, faculty, and staff were able to walk through the posters, asking the presenter questions about their research and focus.  Select members of faculty also rated the posters in order to award students with special recognition.

The following are the awards presented and the awardees:

Best in Visual Representation: Maura McGlynn – Jesus in the Marketplace: The Psychological, Philosophical, and Theological Interrelationship Between Marketing, Branding, and Clinical Psychology

Best Overall: Fr. Connor Sullivan – The Formative Power of Friendship in the Seminary Setting: Psychological Integration and Affective Maturity

Honorable Mentions: Dionne Galliano, Krystyn Brauning, Bryan Runyan, Fr. Kevin Barnekow, and Anna Sproull

To conclude the symposium, everyone was invited to join the President’s Picnic.  The afternoon was filled with laughter and good food as everyone shared a meal, voted in the dessert competition, and participated in the cornhole tournament.

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