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One way you can be more like St. Francis

On October 4, the Catholic Church celebrates St. Francis of Assisi, a man who had everything–status and money–and still chose to serve others instead of himself. He followed Christ’s call to “rebuild my Church”, founding the Franciscan order who, to this day, serve the disenfranchised, the lonely and those in need.

Here at Divine Mercy University, we prepare our students to follow a similar call to service through a modern psychology program that is firmly rooted in the Catholic faith. Our online M.S. in Psychology students learn more about why each person has value and dignity as well as gain the knowledge needed to know how to best serve them.

Each of us knows people who need the kind of services that graduates of Divine Mercy University can provide. On this great man’s feast day, make the choice to start your application and join us in a life-long journey of serving our neighbors.

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