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A New Campus Location for DMU

January 24, 2018

Early in January, President Fr. Charles Sikorsky announced that DMU has signed a contract to purchase a building and surrounding property located in Sterling, Virginia to be the new DMU campus.

Since 1999, the campus for the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) and now, the Divine Mercy University (DMU) campus, has been located in leased space in Arlington, Virginia.  DMU’s strategic plan has always included establishing a campus owned by the institution.  With the anticipated expansion of the academic programs and growth in the student population,  DMU’s leadership has been exploring opportunities for a campus location.

In considering many factors and input from the faculty, staff, and students, the team prioritized the potential for future growth of the university, with increased space for classrooms, library, the IPS Training Clinic, education and support services, and administrative offices.  Also in consideration were affordable off-campus housing for students, faculty and staff; access to public transportation; and economic feasibility for the university.

“We believe that this new site can become the ideal home for DMU and the initial feedback has been positive,” said Fr. Sikorsky.  “We anticipate a timeline of around six months to finalize the purchase, with a move to the new facility in mid-2019. Owning such a campus significantly enhances our ability to accommodate growth and strengthens our long-term financial position.” 

Understanding that there are various approvals to gain before finalizing the signed contract, Fr. Sikorsky expressed confidence in the process and shared his enthusiasm about the opportunity for DMU and future growth.

The building is located on 5.1 acres.   It would increase the square footage of the campus from 16,000 square feet to 46,000 square feet. The expansion will give DMU space to house its academic programs and operations and expand the training clinic. The building allows for more and varied classroom and library space, offices, community space, and a larger Chapel all for advancing the important mission of DMU.  The new location allows for greater flexibility including having regular M.S. in Counseling residencies on-campus and opportunities for additional national and international training programs and conventions.

In relocating the DMU campus, the IPS Training Clinic will be able to expand mental health services to the underserved population in Loudoun County.  Additionally, with the dense Catholic population in the area that has many thriving parishes, there will be greater opportunities to collaborate with the Diocese of Arlington.

This step is a significant milestone in the history of Divine Mercy University. Looking ahead to 2019 and the 20th Anniversary of the founding of IPS (DMU), the hope is for a new place to call home.

President Fr. Charles, members of the Board of Directors and staff visit the new site location.

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