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What does psychology have to do with Respect Life month?

As Christians, we have many opportunities in our culture to witness to and support life. In a society that often supports abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, we have the responsibility to defend the vulnerable and aid the afflicted.

Here at Divine Mercy University, we emphasize that first of all, we must understand that each person has irreplaceable dignity and value–from the baby in the womb to the elderly person with no one left to care for them. Whether you are a friend lending a listening ear to a woman in a crisis pregnancy; a caretaker supporting someone who is terminally ill; or working in a parish, helping people through life’s many challenges, it is our role to listen and accompany those who are suffering.

Psychology adds an important layer of understanding to the way in which we defend and protect life. By learning about grief and trauma, we can more effectively walk with those who are suffering. By recognizing coercive factors and environmental stressors affecting those we care for, we can aid them in removing or overcoming many challenges. And by understanding that at the root of any psychological studies of the human person is a God of mercy who loves and forgives us, we can be witnesses to hope and healing to those who are lost.

Our students and alumni work in a variety of pro-life related fields from Sisters of Life who work with those in need, to those working in pregnancy centers, to religious and clergy who witness to life on a daily basis. The truth is that every professional who serves other men and women in some capacity benefits from a profound pro-life viewpoint, founded in psychology and our Catholic faith. In honor of Respect Life month, make the decision to join our efforts to support life at every stage!

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