The Divine Mercy University and McLean Hospital – Harvard Alliance for Spirituality and Mental Health Research

Divine Mercy University has partnered with two preeminent leaders in psychological research — McLean Hospital and Harvard University — to study the bridge between spirituality and mental health. This timely union comes as research increasingly demonstrates a tangible link between faith, religion and coping with mental illness, trauma and overall health.

Divine Mercy University is dedicated to the growth of this important research examining the intersection of the entire person — the spiritual, the physical, the psychological and the social aspects of each individual as a whole. The donation of a generous benefactor allows DMU to support graduate student research, post-graduate student training, and empirical studies that will move this vital research forward.

Research Lab

Spirituality and Mental Health

This lab is devoted to understanding the many complex factors that influence clients experience with their therapist including multicultural competency, ruptures/repairs, and general sense of bond and connection. In addition, researchers in the lab will study variables such as faith/spirituality, race/ethnicity/culture, and attachment style as they influence the psychotherapy process.

Resource Lab

Borderline Personality Disorder

Our Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Lab brings together the latest studies and research to provide a comprehensive collection of data for understanding and treating this challenging mental illness.