Health and Wellness

Campus Ministry

Divine Mercy University’s Offices of Campus Ministry and Chaplaincy are committed to the integral formation of each student. Our desire is for all students to become the flourishing person that God created them to be. The offices work together with the university to accompany each student on life’s spiritual journey. The purpose of this journey is to know, love and serve God and to be with Him for eternity.

Key spiritual components that we can help with on this journey include:

  • Encouraging and helping students to see/seek God in all people, places and things
  • Sacraments: Daily Mass, Confession & Holy Hours
  • Spiritual Direction and/or Guidance.
  • Discussions/conversations dealing with the interaction between Church teaching,
    Sacraments, spiritual life and daily living.
  • A personal spiritual plan to help students grow closer to God.
  • Small group sessions (Scriptural reflection, Lectio Divina, catechesis, popular
  • Retreats and mornings/evenings of reflection


In addition, spiritual direction and the sacrament of reconciliation with the chaplain of the University are available to students, faculty, and staff. Individual appointments may be scheduled by contacting the chaplain directly or campus ministry. Other religious activities and programs for students held during the year include student retreats, Advent and Lenten half days/evenings of reflection and 3-6 week scripture reflection series.

Chaplain Fr. Walter Schu, L.C.

MU Campus, 1st floor chapel Monday through Friday – 12:35 pm

Students can make an appointment with the chaplain (Fr. Walter Schu, L.C. — or touch base with him before or after daily Mass

Campus Ministry

Campus ministry at Divine Mercy University facilitates numerous opportunities for students, faculty and staff to grow in their faith formation. The campus minister will answer student questions concerning ways to get involved, assist in the making of a spiritual life plan & coordinating and launching of small group activities and retreats. These activities provide the opportunity to grow spiritually and to foster friendships among fellow students and peers. A schedule of dates and times for all activities can be found by contacting the campus minister.

Campus Minister:
Tony MacDonnell
(703) 544-7802

Mental Health & Wellness- Counseling

Student Personal Counseling Services
While it is not the DMU policy or a part of the academic program curricula to require professional counseling, we recognize that personal issues can impede functioning as a student in every domain. A high level of personal and professional development occurs while in the DMU program. Willingness to recognize the need for personal counseling as either a step in self-care and personal mental health and wellness, or as well as a personal growth opportunity from the perspective of a client, committing to a course of personal counseling can be cathartic and is considered as a healthy approach to maintaining mental wellness. Personal counseling is strongly recommended for all counseling professionals.

Students who experience personal difficulties as a motive for seeking counseling should explore the availability of services within respective communities. As a student and/or counseling professional, Students are required to be knowledgeable about their community mental health resources. Become informed, especially regarding child abuse, domestic violence, and vulnerable adult abuse. Find and make a written record of local phone numbers for their regional or state mental health authority (i.e. child and/or adult protective services).

If students feel they are in danger, are a danger to themselves through self-harm, experiencing a mental health emergency, or are otherwise having a medical emergency, DIAL 911 immediately.

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255
  • National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1 (888) 373-7888
  • Therapists Online Now:

*Note: Faculty Advisors, or other DMU administration, staff or faculty may NOT provide
psychotherapy or professional counseling for students as part of their role at DMU. The
counseling process and agreement with a student would constitute a dual role relationship.

Student Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Guide has student health and wellness options and resources available for students. International students are required to obtain insurance once they are in the United States. Students enrolled in a clinical program (Psy.D., CMHC) are required to obtain professional liability insurance prior to beginning their practicum/internship experiences.

Emergency Treatment
The University recognizes that it is responsible for assisting students in obtaining reasonable first aid when they are on campus or onsite, including medical treatment in case of emergency, sudden illness or injury while on campus. A list of area hospitals and clinics can be obtained from the Office of Student Services. It is the responsibility of the student to follow through with additional medical attention that may be required following this emergency treatment.

Security and Operations: Safety and Security on Campus

Divine Mercy University is committed to the safety of its students, employees, and visitors. DMU has emergency plans in place and maintains close contact with the Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management. In an emergency, taking personal responsibility is key. All DMU students and employees should be familiar with the emergency preparedness policies and procedures in order to help ensure their own safety and that of others.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Emergency Coordinators
    •  VP Operations: Antonio Maza,, 571.257.0335.
    • General Building Emergencies: Humberto Barrios,, 703.554.3405.
    • Operations Manager: Beth Kerin,,
  • Emergency Captains
    • Area One: The Library, Classroom 160, Classroom 150, 2nd Floor Bathrooms, 1st Floor Bathroom. Area Captains: Jeff Elliott and Parris Johnson
    • Area Two: The IPS Center. Area Captains: Ian Masson and Anthony Flores
    • Area Three: Student Services Offices, 2nd-floor classrooms, Student Cafe, Maintenance office Area Captains: Merita McCormack and Tony MacDonnell
    • Area Four: 3rd Floor Business Office, President’s Office, Admission and Marketing, and the 3rd Floor Conference Room. Area Captains: Ali Meer and Bradley Cypher
    • Area Five: 3rd Floor IPS Faculty and School of Counseling, Spiritual Direction Program, Green Cross, 3rd Floor Bathrooms, and Board Room. Area Captains: Mike Kyriazi and Eric Bowles
  • Fire, Police, Medical Emergency: 911

Emergency Notification System

When emergency notices need to be communicated, the faculty, staff, and students are alerted through all or some of these means:

  • Text message
  • Email

Safety and Security Before and After Hours

  • All doors will be locked to the outside public before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM. Access will be controlled by the use of electronic keys.
  • For access between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, please call Jose Campos at 571.778.0418.
  • For access after 5:00 PM please call Humberto Barrios at 703-554-3405.
  • To be escorted to your car after hours, please contact Humberto Barrios, at 703-554-3405.


Facilities and Operations Contacts

  • Operations manager:
  • General building management: 703-554-3405
  • Maintenance: