Spiritual Direction Certificate: Admissions Requirements

Applicants must provide the following for admission to the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program:

  1. Completed application form submitted online and payment of application fee.
  2. Letter from one’s own spiritual director using form provided. A history of receiving regular spiritual direction is required to enter the program.
  3. Two recommendations using the form provided : one from the applicant’s pastor or minister, and one from a person who has known the applicant for at least 3 of the last 5 years.

After the review of these requirements, the SDC Admissions Advisor will contact the applicant to schedule a virtual interview. Interviews generally take place during the term prior to the course start.

Completion Requirements

  1. Successful completion of the six courses and residencies with a course grade average of no less than 3.0 while in the program.
  2. Successful completion of practicum (60 hours of supervised practicum over a minimum of 6 months).
  3. Spiritual exercises of at least three full days in duration, or the equivalent subject to review and approval by the executive director, before the completion of the third course.