Spiritual Direction Certificate: Tuition & Costs

Application Fee: $25

Course Tuition:  $778 per course

Residencies: $1000 per residency (does not include travel)

Payment for Courses and Residences are made in full prior to a student’s participation in a particular course or residency. Payments may be made by credit card via the payment page (please note that credit/debit card payments are charged an additional convenience fee of 2.5% ) or via check to the Divine Mercy University Business Office.

What happens if a payment check bounces?

Any check which cannot be cashed will incur a $35 fee. The University will send a new invoice to the account for which the deposit was intended in the original amount with this $35 added.
This also applies to electronic check (ACH) transactions.

Course and Residency Refunds

Students dropping a course after classes have begun are subject to partial tuition fees based on the point at which the class was dropped, according to the following scheme:

  • Withdrawal up to Calendar Day 6:  100%
  • Withdrawal up to Calendar Day 11: 80%
  • Withdrawal up to Calendar Day 17: 60%
  • Withdrawal after Calendar Day 17:  0%

Residency refunds will also be assessed based on when a student cancels prior to residency start.