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#GivingTuesday on November 29th

#GivingTuesday and DMU

During this busy time of the holiday season, you can do many things to make the season brighter. While Advent is a time of spiritual preparation and hope for many of a joyous Christmas, for others the holidays can be hard.  Whether you are reminded of loss, are lonely, or suffer from the “holiday blues”, the season is not always merry for everyone. Here are some ways you can have an impact and help others fight the holiday blues:

  1. Listen: This is one of the first, and best gifts you can give
  2. Empathize: Don’t jump immediately into giving advice, but rather show that you hear and value the person in front of you
  3. Support: Be consistent in showing your care for the people in front of you. Your repeated smile or genuinely kind words can make a big difference
  4. Invite: Whether it’s inviting a lonely coworker to eat lunch together or a friend who has been grieving to come to light a candle of remembrance at church, step outside of your comfort zone as a gift to other.
  5. Encourage: When asked for particular advice or guidance, encourage the person to strive for virtue, hope and joy.

The day after Cyber Monday, is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to those in need.  On Tuesday, November 29th – we are asking the community to come together for a common goal: to give the gift of healing.  We give that gift by living charity in our daily lives and also by supporting others with our financial resources.  I ask you to help Divine Mercy University prepare others to become full time instruments of healing by making a donation to our scholarship fund.  Everyday our students and alumni   heal those suffering from the holiday blues and many other problems – addictions, depression, marital breakdown and so many other mental health issues.

What is Giving Tuesday?

The day after Cyber Monday, is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to those in need,

Could you help us with a gift of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount God might put on your heart?  Please join us in this tradition of giving back and giving thanks.  I will be very grateful, but more importantly our students and the countless lives that they touch now and in the future will be very grateful.  Thank you.

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A growing number of psychological studies have linked gratitude with higher general feelings of happiness and have found that more grateful persons are more satisfied with life.  It is our Christian mission to take action with the perspective of gratitude and to give back to those around us. We need to convey the hope we share for the future and spread the culture of gratitude.  Reaching out to those in need, serving the poor around us, volunteering for a ministry, lending an ear to those suffering – these are all examples of sharing the gifts we have been given with others.    

I am grateful for the support and dedication of everyone involved with the mission of Divine Mercy University, and my prayers will be for you and your families during the holiday season.

Fr. Charles Sikorsky, L.C.
President, Divine Mercy University

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