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Secretary Ben Carson to Graduates: “We Need Healers!”


Divine Mercy University (DMU) celebrated the 17th Graduation Mass and Commencement Exercises on May 18th, 2018, with 45 new masters and doctoral graduates from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS).


Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, from the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, was the principal celebrant of the Graduation Mass and honored guest.  DMU President, Fr. Charles Sikorsky, L.C., preached the homily and offered his words of encouragement to the graduating students.

“You have a very special calling and to be faithful to that calling. The Gospel gives us the key: Remain in me, as I remain in you. If we remain attached to the Word of God, to the vine of Christ and his love, his mercy, his grace – we can do anything.  We can overcome all human limitations. We realize we have a big mission and we also have a fear: are we going to be able to do something about this? This Gospel gives us great reasons to hope and to trust in the Lord to overcome that fear.”

The Honorary Degree Recipient and 2018 Commencement Speaker was Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  Carson, who has a long and distinguished career in medicine and public service, shared with graduates his dedication to helping others and protecting human dignity throughout his professional career.  

“I believe you have been blessed by a tremendous foundation from this great institution. Through a Christian framework, you are able to go about your life’s work and God’s work through you. If we are to help people live a full life, flourishing according to God’s will, that is what it will take.”

Carson addressed some of the real needs of this country, including mental illness and poverty.  He encouraged the graduates to “continue to train harder than everybody else, continue your search for excellence. God has prepared you for the next step, but by no means does that mean learning stops with a degree.  This should be a source of joy – a lifelong education.”

Dr. Peter Martin, IPS Class of 2009, was honored with the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award, bestowed upon an alumnus who has shown great dedication and leadership in his field.  He reflected on two characteristics of the mercy of God, that God is unwavering and has tender compassion, and how these two qualities integrated into the life of a therapist are essential elements in the vocation of healing.  

He shared that following graduation, there are many important life experiences ahead.  “You [graduates] will learn more about your calling to heal than your academic training could have possibly equipped you before today. Embrace the sometimes challenging years of transformation to come in your work with your clients and grow in wisdom and virtue in the Lord as his faithful disciple.”

The 2018 graduates embark on their unique mission to accompany those who are suffering, to be present to those in need and to share the insights regarding the human person with everyone they encounter. For highlight photos of the 2018 Graduation Mass & Commencement Exercises, view here For the full Livestream of the ceremony, view here. 







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