The CTRS at Divine Mercy University has partnered with the Green Cross Academy for Traumatology to offer certification courses leading to five separate levels of Trauma certification.  The five certifications are:

  1. Compassion Fatigue Educator
  2. Compassion Fatigue Practitioner
  3. Field Traumatologist
  4. Certified (Clinical) Traumatologist
  5. Master Traumatologist

The courses for the certifications will be offered throughout the year covering all levels of intervention. The Certified Traumatologist credential is recognized by the Veteran’s Administration (VA), Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), Volunteer Organizations Amid Disaster (VOAD), and other response agencies.  The workshops are offered both on-site at the Arlington, VA campus of Divine Mercy University or online through a virtual classroom.

Certifications available through Green Cross Academy for Traumatology and requirements – Completion of workshops are often one step in the process of Certification. Participants must become a member of Green Cross through application and annual dues to receive and to maintain Certification for which they qualify. Previous training from other organization are evaluated for credit and acceptance on an individual basis. All certification levels require application to the Green Cross Academy for Traumatology and maintaining membership to maintain Certification(s).

Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

  • Compassion Stress Management Workshop/Training

Certified Compassion Fatigue Practitioner

  • Compassion Fatigue Practitioner Workshop/Training

Certified Field Traumatologist

  • Disaster Trauma Workshop/Training or Field Trauma Workshop/Training
  • FEMA on-line course: IS-100c
  • FEMA on-line course IS-363
  • FEMA on-line course IS-403
  • FEMA on-line course IS-909
  • Completion of the Compassion Stress Management and Compassion Fatigue Therapist workshops

Certified (Clinical) Traumatologist

  • Treating Traumatized Families Workshop
  • Child and Adolescent Trauma Workshop
  • Assessment and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Treating Anxiety and Phobia (EMDR Level 1)
  • 100 hours direct field work in trauma (one to one, group, or family therapy)
  • Completion of all requirements for Compassion Fatigue Educator, Compassion Fatigue Therapist, and Field Traumatologist Certifications

Master Traumatologist

  • Grief and Loss Workshop
  • Psychological First Aid Workshop
  • Understanding and Treating Sexual Trauma Workshop
  • Domestic Violence Workshop
  • EMDR Level 2 (Or comparable technique such as Traumatic Incident Reduction or Thought Field Therapy)
  • Complex Trauma Workshop (HEART Model)
  • Cross Training with other Certifications such as CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management), Red Cross, or ATSS (Assoc. of Traumatic Stress Specialists)
  • Completion of all requirements for Compassion Fatigue Educator, Compassion Fatigue Therapist, Field Traumatologist, and Certified Traumatologist Certifications
  • A minimum of 5 years full-time (10 years part-time) direct experience in the trauma field either through employment or volunteer organizations