Security and Operations: Safety and Security on Campus

Divine Mercy University is committed to the safety of its students, employees, and guests.

DMU has emergency plans in place and maintains close contact with the Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management.

In an emergency, taking personal responsibility is key.

All DMU students and employees should be familiar with the emergency preparedness policies and procedures in order to help ensure their own safety and that of others.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Emergency Coordinators
  • Emergency Captains
    • Area One:  The Library, Classroom 160, Classroom 150, 2nd Floor Bathrooms, 1st Floor Bathroom Area Captains: Jeff Elliott & Ingrid Hellstrom
    • Area Two: The IPS Center Area Captains: Ian Masson and Mary Silva
    • Area Three: Student Services Offices, 2nd Floor Classrooms, Student Cafe, Maintenance Office Area Captains: Merita McCormack and Tony MacDonnell
    • Area Four: 3rd Floor Business Office, President’s Office, Admission and Marketing, 3rd Floor Conference Room Area Captains: Ali Meer & Tom Brooks
    • Area Five: 3rd Floor IPS Faculty and School of Counseling, Green Cross, 3rd Floor Bathrooms, Board Room Area Captains: Mike Kyriazi & Jason Sparks
  • Fire, Police, Medical Emergency: 911

Coronavirus — Current Information

Emergency Notification System

When emergency notices need to be communicated, the faculty, staff, and students are alerted through all or some of these means:

  • Text Message
  • Email

Safety and Security Before and After Hours

  • All doors will be locked to the outside public before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM. Access will be controlled by the use of electronic keys.
  • For access between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, please call Jose Campos at 571.778.0418.
  • For access after 5:00 PM please call Humberto Barrios at 703-554-3405.
  • To be escorted to your car after hours, please contact Humberto Barrios, at 703-554-3405.


Facilities and Operations Contacts

Operations Manager:

General Building Management: 703-554-3405