Postgraduate Certificate in Catholic Christian Psychology and Bioethics

This postgraduate certificate is meant to provide supplemental training for individuals, such as healthcare providers, mental health professionals, chaplains, and others, who are guiding and caring for those facing challenging ethical situations. Built on a Catholic-Christian vision of the flourishing person, the certificate program helps students to evaluate complex ethical issues that arise in healthcare and other settings, while also developing empathetic relating skills. Students complete their studies in bioethics through the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s certificate program, which grants nine graduate credits towards the postgraduate certificate program at Divine Mercy, and take the remaining 10 credits as part of the Master’s in Psychology program.


  • PSY 550 Helping People Flourish: A Catholic-Christian Approach to Psychology
  • PHT 508 The Catholic-Christian Vision of Flourishing: Vocations & Virtues
  • PSY 555 Relationship and Intervention Skills Theory and Application
  • PSY 599 Capstone Writing Course


  • NCBC Certification Program in Bioethics (9 credits)
    • Foundations of Catholic Health Care
    • Ethical Challenges at the Beginning of Life
    • Ethics Committees, Research, Vaccines, and Gender
    • Ethical Challenges at the End of Life