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Online M.S. in Psychology: Courses

DMU’s Unique Model – which roots every course in a Catholic understanding of the human person — is forming students to meet the growing demand in today’s culture for professionals who recognize the dignity and uniqueness of each man, woman and child. DMU students learn to look beyond demonstrated behaviors and see the whole person, helping them to grow spiritually, emotionally, and biologically. An DMU education not only provides a firm foundation in psychology, but also the knowledge and skills necessary to help people develop virtues and flourish as human beings. The Institute for the Psychological Sciences’ M.S. in Psychology is an online program prepared specifically to help students to grow in their careers, both after the degree’s completion as well as throughout the coursework. Students will be able to apply acquired practical skills to their workplace or ministry as they learn them. A non-therapeutic degree, this M.S. in Psychology enables students to increase their competencies as professionals in psychology-related fields, while, at the same time, to make an impact on those they serve, strengthened by knowledge of a rich body of Catholic teachings on the human person.

PSY 550 Helping People Flourish: A Catholic-Christian Approach to Psychology

PSY 555 Relationship and Intervention Skills Theory and Application

PHT 507 The Catholic-Christian Vision of the Person

PSY 560 Human Growth & Development Across the Lifespan

PSY 565 Common Psychological Problems and Their Treatment

PHT 508 The Catholic-Christian Vision of Flourishing: Vocations & Virtues

PSY 570 Statistical Analysis for Psychology and the Social Sciences

PSY 575 Social Psychology, Groups, and Diversity

PSY 580 Personality, Individual Differences, and Intelligence

PSY 585 Evidence-based Practice and Program Evaluation

PSY 590 Leading People and Programs

PSY 595 Capstone: The Transformational Leader in the Helping Professions