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Program Requirements

Degree Requirements: 36 credit hours as outlined in the curriculum, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Length: 5 Terms per year/approximately 2 years.  Start dates in January, May and August. Full-time and Part-time enrollment available.

Format: Fully online coursework

Licensure Eligibility: This program does not lead to licensure.

Program Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

The University has identified nine core program outcomes embodying the competencies that are the foundation of the M.S. in Psychology Program curriculum.

1) Analyze the major concepts, theories, and methodologies in psychology.

2) Develop a thorough understanding of the Catholic/Christian vision of the person.

3) Synthesize the Catholic/Christian vision with contemporary psychological theories, research, and interventions.

4) Synthesize findings from research to develop relevant interventions and direct services in a variety of workplace settings.

5) Appraise the impact of diversity factors on the administration of teams and the delivery of services to various populations.

6) Evaluate ethical, legal, and administrative decisions and practices in the design and delivery of services.

7) Evaluate critically one’s own biases, assumptions, attitudes, etc., and their effect on decision-making, planning, interpersonal communication, and working in teams.

8) Exhibit effective communication and other interpersonal skills, necessary for client relationships and workplace leadership.

9) Evaluate the attitudes, skill sets, and strategies for being a transformational leader in a service-delivery setting.