Registrar: Graduation Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation, all coursework and curriculum requirements must be completed and all degree requirements met within the degree time-limit and by the official graduation date. It is the responsibility of each student to successfully fulfill all of their degree requirements, as detailed in each respective program section of the catalog published at the time of their enrollment in the degree which they seek.

In addition to the academic requirements, it is necessary for students to be cleared of all library obligations and to present a satisfactory clearance of financial accounts prior to graduation. Students who have not made satisfactory financial arrangements will not have access to any student services, including transcripts, diploma verifications, transfer credits, or enrollment in courses or for another program.  

The University confers degrees upon the recommendation of the faculty and by the authority of the Board of Directors, three times a year: August, December, and May. Students whose degrees are conferred in August or December are encouraged to participate in the following annual May Commencement. Degree conferral and Commencement dates are posted in the Academic Calendar. The Graduation Fee covers all aspects of the degree completion process and will be applied to all student accounts of degree candidates, regardless of participation in the Commencement ceremony.  

Students who are eligible for graduation (degree candidates) must submit an Application to Graduate form to the Registrar at the time of registration for their final semester to obtain a final degree audit and receive the approval of their respective program director. Materials related to the Commencement exercises, including orders of invitations and regalia, will be distributed approximately 90 days prior to the degree conferral date.  

Participation in the Commencement ceremony is allowed only if all coursework and degree requirements have been completed prior to the event. However, because of the unique schedule of some internship and practicum/externship experiences, students of clinical program who have completed all other degree requirements prior to the Commencement, except for outstanding internship or practicum/externship hours (which can be reasonably completed in the summer), may be eligible to walk at the Commencement with the approval of the Program Director and Registrar. This special participation does not signify degree conferral. Once all degree requirements have been completed with the successful conclusion of the internship or externship, degree conferral will occur in August.

School of Counseling Program Completion & Graduation Requirements Only  

  1. Students must satisfy the following academic and clinical requirements in order to graduate:
  1. Complete all practicum, candidacy, and internship requirements
  2. Complete all required hours of specified coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and no grade lower than a “B”
  3. Fulfill the course requirements of COUN 500 Counseling Advisement each semester.
  4. Receive a satisfactory faculty recommendation based upon the bi-annual Professional Performance Review process.  Please see SOC Program Handbook for information on the Professional Performance Review process.