Students with a strong academic background and who can devote considerable time each week to the program may wish to shorten their time of study. These students can enroll in the 16-months track. This track will allow them to double up courses four to five times during the program. When students take two classes during the same term, the second course will receive a 25% discount.

The 16-months track discount does not apply to students who already have a scholarship, discount or MOU of 25% or more to the overall degree. If a student has a scholarship, discount or MOU below 25%, the discount on the second course will be 25%.

The following progression of courses are suggested models for students in the 16-months track. You will be required to take two courses at the same time for four terms. Other options are possible based on students’ time and course availability and should be discussed with their academic advisors.

MSP 16-Month Track (16 months – Fall Start) – possible course progression

TermCourse 1Course 2 (25% fee reduction)
Fall 1PSY 550 
Fall 2PHT 560PHT 508
Spring 1PSY 515  Elective
Spring 2PSY 570Elective
SummerPSY 565 
Fall 1PSY 585  Elective
Fall 2PSY 575 

$850*7 courses= $17,850.00 tuition      $637.50*4 courses = $7,650.00 tuition

Total Tuition: $25,500 versus  $28,050.00